Thursday, 11 August 2011

Review: Chula, Tachbrook Street Market, Pimlico

Tachbrook Street Market used to be a relatively poor lunch destination in a relatively poor area of town for food. Something miraculous has happened in 2011 though as Pimlico has seemingly embraced the street food revolution.  Initially the lineup was very changeable - I saw The Dogfather there once who is a darling of the food blogging scene but alas seems to have written Pimlico off for some reason (come back!).  There are a couple of Jerk Chicken places who never have any Jerk Chicken ready.

On the other hand there is a great Thai stall, a Falafel stall that does a roaring trade, an outpost of Gastronomica the local deli and a number of other stalls that seem to rotate around but provide a great meal for around a fiver.  No wonder that the local Subway is perpetually handing out vouchers at the entrance to the market.

Unfortunately I've just paid £5 for a rubbish lamb shish kebab from Tachbrook Street Market.  I really should have gone to Cyprus Mangal round the corner for a proper one.  Alternatively I should have done what I did yesterday and pay almost the same amount of money for an Indian Burrito from Chula (excuse the virtual dissection below but I had a tie on and didn't want to destroy it!)

Chula Lamb Burrito
Chula got a shout-out in The Guardian this week and I can already see that Vinod might be on to something with his Indian Burritos.  In many ways this is the culinary cousin to what is on offer at Moolis in Soho - however this definitely ticks all the Burrito boxes; saucy meat, beans, rice, salad in a tortilla wrap but with a twist from the sub-continent.

On arrival you have a choice between meat or vegetarian options.  When I went there was Chicken, Lamb or Paneer.

As a quick bite it hits all the right notes - we already know that curry and rice is a hit combo so the addition of  beans, carrot and coriander provide a great lift.  The Indian Burrito is an unqualified success as Street Food. These are the flavours that make me miss living in Tooting so if you're in the Pimlico or Victoria area be sure to check it out.  Here's Vinod striking a pose!


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