Thursday, 14 July 2011

Review: Pitt Cue BBQ Company and Other stuff

Oops - no new posts for a while but I do have a couple of ideas I'm working on :-)

Its worth mentioning my Tumblr Account for those of you that use that service - I'm dumping a few microposts in there that might evolve into full posts in the future.

A good example is the below. Pitt Cue BBQ company is based under Hungerford Bridge near Waterloo for the summer and would be worth a full review if only the entire food blogging world had not got there first and taken a decent camera instead of relying on an old Iphone.

I heard of it via posts from Food Stories , Cheese and Biscuits and Hollow Legs which you should definitely read for more detail.

My thoughts? I tried a Pabst Blue Ribbon (£4) due to all the hipster references in US Media (its popularity is based on its 'authenticity' and blue-collar connotations). It tastes like Bud Light.

Much, much better was the Kernel Pale Ale (£4) that I could enjoy for its hoppy-taste and lack of counter-cultural pretension.

Pickleback shots and beer at Pitt Cue
A Pickleback, hipster beer and complementary pork scratchings
A Pickleback is a shot of whisky followed by a shot of pickle juice. The sweetness of the pickle juice does actually take the edge of the whisky and complement the flavours better than I expected. Its just a bit of fun really though like a Tequila Slammer. See my Pickleback face below!

My pickleback face
Pickleback face!

I grabbed myself a box of Pulled Pork, pickles and BBQ beans with a nice hunk of Sourdough (£7). Excellent stuff, nice and simple, well-executed and worth the trip if you're commuting into/out of Waterloo or wandering along the South Bank.

Pulled Pork at Pitt Cue


Kit Taylor said...

I thought the Pickleback was delicious! The pulled pork was better and more suculent than the brisket which I thought was a little dry. Also, appearences can be deceptive - the meat comes with sides of coleslaw or bean (I opted for a mixture) and they take up the majority of the box with the meat placed on top. Very good food though.

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