Saturday, 16 July 2011

RHS Garden, Wisley

Severe cabin fever in January and unfamiliarly with our new surroundings in Surrey led to a bought of googling to find somewhere to get some fresh air.  The Royal Horticultural Society gardens at Wisley seemed to pop up as good suggestion and given that its just a quick 20 minute blast down the A3 I thought a visit would be in order.  Subsequently I was told that it was one of my late Grandmother's favourite places in the world which added a degree of magic for me.

For those of you based in London I'd suggest Wisley is well worth a visit - its not quite on the scale of Kew Gardens but its not far off (its the second-most visited garden in the UK).  Within the last few years they've also put up a new Glasshouse with temperate, desert and tropical zones.  In early January the gardens were looking barren - however the RHS runs an annual Butterfly show in the Glasshouse which gave my wife the perfect chance to test out the new zoom lens on her DSLR.

Wisley Glasshouse

A further visit on an absolutely scorching day in April showed the gardens and the flowers in their spring glory.  I think many plants were out particularly early because of the fantastic weather we had in Spring - its a shame it hasn't continued into Summer (yet).


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